Any links I’m missing?

If you know of a good bullwhip related link I don’t have on the list at the right or on the vendor list, leave a comment here and I’ll add it.

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7 Responses to Any links I’m missing?

  1. Gary says:

    Lots of missing folks from the vendor list

    Bill Stevenson – Whipshop
    Axel Wright – axelwhips
    Evan Fava – EF Leathercraft
    Paul Nolan – Midwest Whips
    Joe Wheeler – MasterWhipmaker

    among them

  2. Yeah the page the is a hundred times better and thanks a lot for including me in your performers. You probably should add Adam Winrich, arguably America’s number one whip cracker these days. His youtube channel is loaded with good whip demos and teaching videos
    Also can you publicize the upcoming Wild West Arts Performers Society convention?
    I’ll be going this year and hopefully in a few years it can grow up to the size of the old Mark Allen organized conventions.

  3. I also recently discovered a facebook page for a Seattle whip group that is meeting regularly.

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