Whip Repairs


There are instructions for replacing poppers and falls in Mike Murphy’s Whip FAQ.

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  1. Nick sharpe says:

    I’m in the US where can I buy a whip cracker?
    Thank you for your reply..

  2. Kevin C. says:

    Hi, I just recently bought a 10 ft. 4 plaited leather whip online and I watched a video by Adam on cracking. He used nearly the exact same whip as his “poor choice” in cracking and part of what can make the whip better is by having a thinner fall. My fall is flat which creates drag. If I attempt to sew the leather fall into more of a rounded fall than a flat one, would it be better or am I just creating more trouble for myself?

    • Andrew says:

      You can taper a flat fall with a sharp knife and a metal ruler. That will improve performance. If you still want to attach a rounded fall, cut a slit in each fall and attach the new fall using a lark’s head (ie pass the old fall through the slot in the new fall as far as it will go, then poke the point of the new fall through the slot in the old fall and pull tight). Trim the old fall short, but not too short as when the first slot wears out you can then cut another one.

      • Jillian says:

        What do you mean by tapering the fall. How do I do that? My fall is already pretty thin and it is also flat, should I still attempt to taper it to improve performance?

        • Andrew says:

          You taper it my making it narrower rather than thinner. Lay it down flat on a cutting board, and with a straight edge and a sharp knife change it from a from a ribbon with parallel sides into a long, narrow triangle.

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