Whip Cracking

Do not attempt to crack a whip until you have read the Safety Instructions


The first crack you should learn is the forward crack, as it is relatively safe and is useful for cutting targets. The sidearm crack is best for wraps and the overhead is the most impressive looking and will give you the loudest cracks.

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  1. William Kleinpeter says:

    I was given a 12 ft leather bullwhip with a 6 inch handle when I was much younger. I recently picked it back up and have been trying to crack it. However, I’ve been reading and I see most recommended whips are much shorter. Is my whip not something I can do all the cracks with or is it possible but much harder? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Andrew says:

      First of all, if you haven’t used the whip in years, it will need leather conditioner. Get some saddle soap, dubbin or Pecard’s leather dressing on it before you use it any more. You can do all the usual cracks with a twelve foot whip, but most of them are quite a bit harder to learn with a whip that long. I would suggest getting a seven or eight foot whip to learn on and work up to the twelve foot.

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