WordPress only allows a couple of sentences to describe each link, so if you are a whip maker who would like to describe your business in more detail, please feel free to leave a comment here.

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  1. Congratulations on the revamp Steve, I remember coming across your site in January 2000 and I think it had been around a bit before then. When you get a spare minute can you change my email address to the one above and I also cater to the BDSM community.
    Kind Regards

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Bernie. This is Andrew, not Steve, by the way. Though Steve Salberg contributed much of the original material to the FAQ, I’ve been the one maintaining it ever since. I’ve revamped the vendor listings so the no longer include email addresses – that dated back to the time when not everyone had a web site!

  2. Lovely site, great information! Another Vendor for your listing: Conzept Dezigns, Whips and Designs by Highlander, out of Graham WA (USA). Polypropelene whips of the Stock, Snake, and Bull varieties…custom built, up to 20 colors to choose from. Catering to Whip enthusiasts from all walks of life.

    With Thanks,
    Reesey Campbell

  3. John Komski says:

    Kindly add my name to your Vendor list; it would be most appreciated. Hi! My Name is John and I am a whip maker who has been making all kinds of whips for the past 10 years.

    I always loved whips and wondered how whipmakers made them.

    Back in 1997 I took sick to COPD (a lung condition). This gave me the opportunity to learn to make whips.

    I read every book, and joined every club out there, and just practiced my head off. I started 1st making Kangaroo whips; but now I just make the best nylon whips I can.

    I now have it down to a science. I love to make all kinds of whips from bullwhips, to snake whips, & signal whips and now my own invention of the Excalibur whip! – John Komski of

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