Forward Crack Variations


Do not attempt to crack a whip until you have read the Safety Instructions



The one in front of your face does not really crack there, but the whip does travel real close. You know the basic crack you use for cutting – well, Karen taught me to do that, follow through and turn 180° to the left at the same time and do it again, which is another thing you can repeat indefinitely. However after doing it a couple of times she said to follow through with your body turned 90° to the right (facing the plane of the crack), bring the whip up again in and do the cutting crack in the opposite direction to the previous one, so that the whip goes from your left to your right, instead of from your back to your front. Hope that makes some sort of sense…




I’ve experimented a lot with the “forward throw” or “cut” technique in different planes relative to the body. I do the one you’ve described, but you don’t have to do the first one and then turn, you can just start it in the plane in front of your body as follows:

Lay the whip out to the right (90° to your right) and bring it across in front of you (scraping across your toes) and up to send the pop out to the left. This is in a plane that is parallel to your shoulders. After the pop on the left side, continue your hand down and to the right dragging the fall across your toes again, but this time from the left to the right. Continue the whip up and pop it out directly to your right. This is an “indefinite” technique (goes on and on). By combining this technique with your body turning to the right, you can turn completely around to the right while keeping the whip in the same plane and just continue on and on.


There’s another trick where you can pop the whip out behind yourself by doing the above trick but front to back and then back to front. There is a new part you have to learn to pop it backwards though. There’s a big hesitation you have to learn and force the fall to wrap. I combine all these tricks to pop the whip at North, South, East and West.

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