Sidearm Crack

Do not attempt to crack a whip until you have read the Safety Instructions

Karen Quest Forward Crack Quicktime movie (318k)of Karen Quest doing a sidearm crack with an elegant follow through.



This is like the forward Crack but done with a sidearm throw. Set up like with the forward Crack (the whip is trailing behind you) but hold your hand and arm in a position as if you are “hitch-hiking a ride”. Your palm is up and your thumb is on the near side of the handle pointing behind you.

You will be pushing the whip forward with your thumb as if you are casting a fishing pole in a sidearm manner. IMPORTANT HINT: In order to make the all-important loop, you must have as much of the whip up off the ground as possible (or it will droop below your arm). Think of this as if at the first moment of the throw, you are lifting the entire whip UP off the ground. There is a little bit of a “lift up” with the hand at the first moment as you are throwing forward. It is not separate from the throw, it is *part* of it.

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