Video: Anthony De Longis – Extreme Marksman

Actor, fight director and stuntman Anthony De Longis is Hollywood’s leading whip expert.

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3 Responses to Video: Anthony De Longis – Extreme Marksman

  1. Alan Shaff says:

    Awesome video!
    what type of whip, length and material is his whip made of?

    • Andrew says:

      Anthony De Longis uses kangaroo hide bullwhips. He uses a longer than usual handle to make for more accurate targeting. He probably uses whips of different lengths for different stunts. When he gets a new whip, he rapidly breaks it in by deliberately flexing it. He agrees that this may shorten the life of a whip, but for precision targeting and stunt work, consistent performance of the whip is extremely important to him. There several whip makers who offer DeLongis style whips – I’m not sure who Anthony is currently buying from. If you want to contact him directly there is contact information on his web site.

      • Andrew says:

        A quick update – anyone selling a nylon whip as a “De Longis Style” whip is doing so without Anthony’s approval or endorsement. If you want a whip that De Longis himself would use, order from Terry Jacka or Dirk Adkins.

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